Custom Made Hats

Large Hats

Are you looking for winter and summer hats? Or race hats? MAREA BRIGHT – Exclusive Milliner has an array of original custom-made hats for local and international events, including fashion race wear, weddings, garden parties and casual sun hats for your viewing.

The Spring Racing Carnival is a tradition that captures the imagination of a world of racing. One of the best aspects of the carnival is the fashion brought to the track. Classy suits, shiny shoes, beautiful dresses and elegant race day hats are everywhere to be seen. When you are planning your race day outfit, contact me and I will assist you to select a unique fashion hat or fascinator to complement your style.

For a special touch to your race day outfit, perhaps you would like a custom-made hat especially for you! Handcrafted using high-quality materials, my race day hats are original and will beautifully complement your outfit. I can design a fashion hat specifically for the dress you are planning to wear. Simply bring in your outfit or show me a photo. Alternatively, you can plan your entire style around your beautiful new hat.

After all, wearing a beautiful hat will always make you feel like a winner on the track!

Small Hats

At Marea Bright – Exclusive Milliner, I have a wide variety of hats and headpieces!

Whether you are looking for handmade felt hats, straw hats or fabric hats, I can create the perfect fit for you depending on your taste and occasion. I have a ready-to-wear selection available to purchase or alternatively I can design a custom-made original hat for you. Why not wear a hat to your next luncheon, wedding, race day or fashion event?

Feel free to get in touch with me today.

Adorn yourself with an elegant fascinator!

Ordering your special headpiece has never been easier.